Mental Health of Children and Adolescents

We believe that healthy physical and psychological development in children and adolescents is a prerequisite for a happy and successful life.

Mental health of children and adolescents

We support awareness raising about the mental health of children and we rid mental illness of its social stigmas.

We are RSJ Foundation

We focus on gifted children, education and mental health of children and adolescents. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Our initiative

We support the education of specialists and the public as well as the creation of educational materials and activities that combine diverse subjects and facilitate sharing of new findings and experiences. We seek out meaningful and innovative solutions that can be put into practice.

We also work to support crisis intervention, address bullying, and reinforce psychomotor development in children.

Support from the RSJ Foundation is helping to raise public awareness about mental health and rid mental illness of its social stigmas.

"We dropped the ball on education in the Czech Republic. We owe a great debt in many regards. What do we do to help children learn how to think independently and solve problems creatively? At the foundation, we’re working to shake things up. We seek out and support projects aiming to bring about meaningful changes with a lasting impact."

Bronislav Kandrík, founder

Do you like the foundation's activities and are you interested in cooperation?

We support projects focused on gifted children, mental health of children and adolescents, and education. We prefer long-term cooperation.

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