Gifted Children

They are resourceful. They may be unpleasantly logical and hardheaded, highly critical and selfcritical, or overly sensitive.

Who are gifted children?

Gifted children think differently – all the time. You might not recognize them at first sight. They may be behind in something, or their behaviour or handicap may be masking their true potential.

They have highly developer reasoning skills and imaginations. They want to understand ordinary things down to the last detail.

Gifted children – perfectionism

Their perfectionism may lead to substantial inner pressure,

How do we recognize a gifted child?

They take an early interest in letters, numbers, the cosmos, social structures, electricity, and the meaning of life.

They have an outstanding memory, like to experiment, and are abstract thinkers.

Gifted children may suppress their natural talents and deny themselves.

Their perfectionism may lead to substantial inner pressure.

Frequently, they are almost too hungry for new information. They constantly and eagerly ask questions.

They often may have difficulty making friends and working with teachers.

Our initiative

We work to ensure gifted children grow up in an environment that gives them space, understanding, support, and inspiration in their overall personality, intellectual, and cultural development. We want these children to know how to face problems and seek out help in times of crisis.

We follow the latest research and practices both at home and abroad.

We connect and support experts, initiatives, and organizations.

We learn together and want to bring about social change.

We believe the psychosocial wellbeing of gifted children and their surroundings is an asset that is important to the whole of our society.

Do you like the foundation's activities and are you interested in cooperation?

We support projects focused on gifted children, mental health of children and adolescents, and education. We prefer long-term cooperation.

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