We support organizations that focus on gifted children, their mental health and education.

Supported organizations

We strive to ensure that organizations supported by the RSJ Foundation receive the backing they need in order to fully focus on their own missions. We support projects focused on these areas:

Project's profile

and innovative

Open to new

Educates and develops non-traditional teaching methods

Nationwide or transferable between regions

Conditions for Projects and Organizations

You focus on gifted children, mental health of children and adolescents, systemic change in education.
You have defined clear project goals, prepared a plan and budget.
Your project is long-term, it is not a one-time event.
You are an established organization or project, or you are a newly created initiative with a clear idea and desire to change something.
You have a background and established contacts.
You have a functioning team and functioning processes.

Grant Approval

First contact


In-person meeting


Consultation with applicant


Application submission


Application finalization


Approval process


Our principles


We treat the nonprofit organizations we support as equal partners.

Independence, responsibility, trust

We trust and respect one another and share information.

Individual approach

Each of our partners is exceptional and unique.

Creative thinking

We provide space for creative thinking and the breaking down of stereotypes.

Education and mentoring

We care about the successful functioning of the organizations we help, with which skill development and mentoring go hand in hand.


We care about long-term outcomes. That’s why we seek paths to sustainability and viability for our partners.

How we work

We prefer long-term cooperation, not one-time endeavours. We typically support organizations for five years in order to ensure they are capable of striking out on their own.*

*In the case of key and strategic partners who focus on systemic and social change, our support may be extended to ten years.

Do you have a project and need our support?

We currently do not have an open public call and are not accepting new applications. But if your project is exceptional and meets our conditions, we'd love to hear more.

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